Saturday, June 20, 2015

Two New Poems at Revolution John

Hey there, troopers!

I have two new poems over at Revolution John. You can read them here.

This marks a milestone because it is the first time I've had a twofer.

Sam Slaughter selected them, and he's also the current guest editor of Cahoodaloodaling, where he was interviewed and said some pretty straight-shooter things, which you know I like.

His interview introduced me to the phrase "grit lit," which I've been reading and loving and searching for in silence like a Play-Doh eater for years, but didn't know the name for it.  He lists Tawni O'Dell, who kicked my teeth in with her novels a while back, and I remain a gum-grinning fool for her.  The others, I'm going to have to check out post haste.

Not only do I have a phrase for what I like to read now, but I also have a phrase for what I like to write.  Now I have the language to warn people.

My mama read the poems Revolution John published today. Her word was kyarn.


SarahJane said...

Enjoyed your poems, and your dog-grooming story, too.

Amber said...

Thank you, SarahJane!