Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ummm...have you checked the bathrooms? There's, like.....poems in there.

I hope I don't get arrested for this.

A while back, I had an idea to do this really cool underground anarchist guerilla (all three) type thing that I immediately wanted to call "poem bomb."

Essentially, dropping a poem bomb, or, poem bombing (you know, for short), would be something very simple that anyone with half a gut or a whole ovary and a lot of spunk could do if they felt so inspired. 

People of the poem persuasion would print out copies of their favorite poems (or, just a poem that they really kinda like, you don't have to be going steady with it), and post it on a bathroom wall.  You don't have to print out copies, even.  You can go all medieval style on its ass and copy it by hand, or create a painting with the poem - anything, as long as it is a) a poem b) credited to the proper author and/or source c) contains information leading back to the poemBOMB blog.

The blog?

Oh yes, so I created a blog to post these poem bomb happenings.

What happenings?

Okay, so, once you have your beautifully crafted copy of a poem, or crappy printed out copy of a poem, or what have you, you take it, and some tape, to a public bathroom, find a good spot, and tape that bitch up!  Yes you do, bitches!  That's what you do!

Wait, and then.  You take a picture of it.  And you send the picture to ME! 

And if I like it, I'll post it to the PoemBOMB blog!

I did my very first poem bombing today!  At Target!

How cool is that, right?

Like I said, I hope I don't get arrested.

BUT!  I need some of you to potentially get arrested for posting poems with me!

Please get involved!  And do this!  And send the evidence to the contact I give you in my profile.

We're gonna be STARS, baby! Big, fat poemBOMB stars!!!  And maybe arrested.

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