Monday, September 3, 2012

Not cool, trash gerrymanderer. Not cool.

Today, as I was approaching a buggy at Target, I noticed a woman attending to another buggy just ahead of the one I had chosen to retrieve.  In some kind of selection-of-the-fittest two-step, she had actually moved from the first buggy to the second (the one I was intending to grab) and back to the first.  As I drew closer, I noticed that she, after going back to the first buggy, was plucking something up from the barrel of it, and just as I was sufficiently upon the second buggy to indicate that I intended to have it, she turned, and dropped some pieces of trash into (what would have been) my buggy. 

Um, what? Excuse me?

She looked toward me, saw me standing there, and saw that I had seen her, furthermore collected that I had priorly intended to have the buggy that she just trashed.  She had a rodent face surrounded by wiry hair, and nasaled in a sort of snorting, dismissive way, in a Yankee accent:

"I moved the trash.  *snort* *moist sounds*  Now you move the trash.  Okay?" 

She turned back, more moist snorting, and wheeled off her cleaned-out buggy.

Er. No.....not okay.  Okay?

I moved on to a different buggy. 

I think she was maybe slightly embarrassed, but more likely just caught off guard.  She obviously felt the need to offer some sort of explanation (and instruction), though not the need to apologize for inconveniencing a fellow shopper, which is what she should have done; she should have apologized.  She certainly wasn't going to correct the situation by moving the combined trash out of (what would have been) my buggy and into a proper trash receptacle (say, a trash can, not a buggy), though this would have been the most socially responsible option for her to have taken, even intially, upon finding any trash in any buggy that she wished to use during her shopping experience.  Barring that, she should have simply moved along to a trash-free buggy if she truly wanted a trash-free experience.  They were all around.  That's what I did.  I found a buggy that hadn't just been trashed by some careless, harpy nut-nut.  This would have created the least amount of work for her, and wouldn't have passed along work to a following series of customers, whom I imagine she expected to move the trash from buggy to buggy behind her: "I moved the trash.  Now you move the trash." Like some chain of fools. 



B.R. said...

Hey Amber
Funny entry. "I moved the trash. You move the trash." But move the trash like I moved the trash, and my forebears before me moved the trash. Not into a trash can, silly. Into another shopping cart. In NYC about a month ago, a bike chained to a parking meter: its front wire basket had been turned into a trash receptacle - whatever was handy, I guess.

Look forward to your next post!

Amber said...

I guess we can only be glad, in these situations, that the trash isn't dispersed onto the street. Social progress by baby steps. I worry about the squirrels whenever I see litter.