Saturday, April 23, 2011

Wherein DQDBBHKM Employs Psychological Warfare

UPDATE, containing an explanation of the acronym in the title of this post: The Drama Queen Dirty Bastard Kitchen Manager formerly known as, simply, Dirty Bastard Kitchen Manager, shall now heretofore be known as the ever increasingly complex yet nevertheless asshole-ish Drama Queen Dirty Bastard Butt Hole Kitchen Manager.  I reserve the right to shorten this title from time to time for expediency's sake, to retain it for accuracy, and to lengthen it for dramatic effect. 

The other day, after I added some days to my request off, there was a series of events (read: name-calling) amongst myself and Dirty Bastard Butt Hole that resulted in my, ultimately, giving Dirty Bastard Butt Hole the finger (as in, the finger, the middle one). This is not to imply in any way that I was so beat as to be at a loss for words, rather, I simply no longer cared enough to come up with any words, yet wanted to show my contempt nonetheless, so felt that a gesture was not so much necessary as it was convenient and most accurately reflected both my continued hatred mixed with my growing apathy at engaging in conversation over or verbal display of the matter of my hatred (Mutually expressed - He has, I would like to note, on several occasions in the past, called me a slut and a whore.  Not lately, but still.) for Drama Queen Dirty Bastard Butt Hole Kitchen Manager. 

Anyway, I flipped him the bird, to which he responded that I had stubby little fingers.    


 So, though I hate to admit it, I was slightly affected by said comment, thus, a survey:

Do I have stubby fingers?

Please note:  I'm not really that concerned, I just thought this would be a funny way to relate the story, so please do not feel the need to address any psychological issues I may or may not have. 


terry said...

Nope. Not stubby or little at all. But you only show the left hand, so he may have been referring to the right-hand fingers.

Amber said...

Thank you! My left hand was all Dirty Bastard had to go on either. Specifically, the middle finger of my left hand.