Sunday, October 17, 2010

Crappy Customers - The Youth

Young Couples -

This is fairly self-explanatory, is it not?

Munchies -

"Munchies" is the term I have given customers who come in smelling vaguely of a blend of marijuana and cheap men's cologne.  It is generally a subset of the "young couples" set.  I have yet to wait on munchies over the age of 35, and if I ever come across any I would think them even more pathetic than the munchies I have come across so far.  Typical behavior for munchies is to initially sit across from each other but, when I return with the drinks, to have moved, one of them, to sit beside each other on the same booth seat.  I suspect that this is due both to romantic feelings and the need to be propped up.  Munchies usually mumble their order, which is rather extensive and includes heaps of cheese fries - double cheese, double bacon, double fries.  Perks of waiting on these customers include the fact that they are generally pretty mellow, laid back,  and too stoned to argue over the rather sizable bill that they run up.  Disadvantages of waiting on these customers is that they are incredibly annoying, will camp out at the table until the pot haze has somewhat worn off, and spend a great deal of their time in the restaurant looking at each other like they want to trade bodily fluids and/or actually trading bodily fluids.  The female of the pair is sometimes insecure and, if that is the case, will glare at me for the duration of every interaction I have with the male munchie, even if it is as innocuous and basic to my purpose as taking his order.  Final disadvantage is that they tip worth shit.

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terry said...

i suppose i shouldn't tell you about the time in college when three of us, all throuoghly stoned were having midnight coffee at a 24-hour cheapo diner.

the service was terrible - not only for us, but for all the other "munchies" in the establishment. to be fair, the only thing we all had ordered was 25-cent coffee, with free refills.

when it became obvious that the waitress could care less about any of us, we three got up, found the coffee pots, and proceeded to serve refills to everyone else in the diner.

you'd think the waitress would have thanked us for the favor. nope. she was FURIOUS.

Munchie Power Forever!!