Friday, August 27, 2010

Shall I tattle? and, What are cats?

First, let it be known that I've started up again with getting up really early in the morning (7am today) and going on walks. There is what I'm going to call a cul-de-sac, by which I mean a loop of road off to the side of a main road (I'm not sure what a cul-de-sac really is, but perhaps I've used the right term), which I take to extend my walk, and I am quite proud of myself both for the extra distance and figuring out the loop.

It is a lovely loop because it loops around (a loop's not a loop without an object of the loop, afterall, however direct or indirect (bit of grammar humor there, with a double parenthesis contained therein!) a giant pond/lake/something, again, I am unsure of the exact term - small body of water.

There is also a pool, which I have fantasized about breaking into in the middle of the night for skinny-dipping. It appears, however, to be impenetrable.

On that note, in and around the pond there are beautiful things like scum and geese shit and actual geese to go along with the geese shit and ducks (which I like much better than geese), and the other day and today these amazing, breath-taking crane creatures have appeared. I say crane creatures because I'm not sure that they are cranes. The one I saw the other day was white and tall with long, skinny legs and a long beak. Main idea here is very large, tall, skinny. Today I saw another large, gray bird fly overhead that looked like the white one from yesterday only gray and I thought, But can cranes fly?, also Can cranes be gray? then I came to the pond and there were two of them, flying low over the pond. They were beautiful and it was amazing, no matter what they were, cranes or not, but I think they were cranes and I will look it up as soon as I am done with this post or maybe right now.

Okay, pretty sure they were cranes.

But, the point is, this is a private pond meant only for my walking around it and for whoever else lives on the cul-de-sac loop (looked that one up, too). In the pond, there are signs sticking up that say "No trespassing" and "No fishing," particularly the "No fishing" part is important because every morning when I go for my walk there are MEN FISHING. One of them pulls his town car up to the side of the pond and fishes. Two others this morning arrived on bicycles. A duck was traveling up to the town car guy today either to tell him off or beg for some bread, I couldn't tell which. The cranes didn't stick around. It made me mad.

So I would like to tattle. But whom to tattle to? I don't think the police want to be bothered; it's not an emergency. They aren't drunk and belligerent fishing, just fishing where they're not supposed to be fishing.

Isn't there some kind of local state department of hunting and fishing commission with ranger deputies that can receive an anonymous tip and come find them and hand out fines?

But then there are questions.

Don't the people living on the cul-de-sac loop know about this? Why aren't they doing something about it? Is there some unspoken agreement that I don't know about, some sort of delicately balanced treaty that has brought peace to the neighborhood after hundreds of years of civil war that I could be destroying with one phone call?

What if the fishers are actually helping? What if they are keeping the ecology in balance by taking what would be extra fish out of the pond that would otherwise die and rot and make the pond a rotting, stinking mess? What if what the rednecks (my relatives) say about overrun deer populations (they'll starve if we don't dress up in varying shades of green and khaki and go out and kill them) is true of fish in this illegal-t0-fish-in pond?

But then (side question), why would anyone make a pond illegal to fish in if some sort of horrible stinking ecological breakdown could happen as a result?

Couldn't the cranes eat the extra fish?

Do cranes eat fish? They have to, right? I don't think they would be vegetarians, would they?

Are any birds vegetarians?

Are cranes birds? Are ostriches birds? Was Big Bird a bird? Was Big Bird an ostrich?

Large cats (lions, what not) are still cats, so large birds are birds too, right?

But are they felines, the large cats? What are felines - just the small house cats? Is feline a species? Is cat a genus or a family of animal?

What are cats?

I don't know if I'm going to tell on these people or not, but they sure do piss me off. Just on the principal of the thing. I mean, town car man is fishing right in front of the "No fishing" sign! And I am, as ever, enraged by nonconformity.

In some situations. Sometimes. In this situation. I think. I would need all the information (see previous questions).

I'll tell you this - if I tell on them for trespass fishing I probably can't turn around and go break into that pool for midnight skinny-dipping.

Although we clearly see which is higher on the morality scale.

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