Thursday, July 29, 2010

I Am A Casuality of War a Child's Anger

Somebody pissed this kid off.

I don't know exactly how or when it happened, but some time between taking their drink orders and bringing the drinks back to the table, somebody, somehow, pissed this kid off so royally that it was unable to contain itself (they seldom do, after all), and while I was sitting its drink down in front of it, it stuck out it's tongue and rapid-spit-fire pllllttttt all over the side of my arm.

Then it sat there in front of its chicken tenders (which it had to share with its sister - maybe that was the whole thing) with this bomb-building look on its face.


It's times like that that you try, try, try to remember to surgeon-style wash your hands and arms as soon as you get back to the kitchen.

Nasty little bastards.

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Katey Schultz said...

yup. the melatonin works! 3mg or 5mg, depending on your need. and it's what our bodies make anyway for sleep and it's super cheap compared to valerian root, etc.

thanks for your comment! nice to find your blog. i'm "following" yours now once i get back to the sidebar and click on the link.