Sunday, February 21, 2010

Open Letter to Our Humans - Part 2

To Whom It May Concern:

We noticed that you've started closing the bathroom door so we can't get in there and shit in the tub.

That's fine.

How do you like putting your make-up on in the morning in the freezing cold because there's no heat getting into the bathroom? Fun, isn't it? Or sitting on the freezing cold toilet?

Speaking of, we very much enjoyed rushing into the bathroom two at a time this morning when you opened the door to start getting ready for work. We were very thirsty, and thank goodness you left the toilet seat up and before you could even think about it we were standing up there with our dirty litter paws, leaning down into the toilet and drinking nice, cool (cold, freezing cold) water directly from your toilet!

We think we shall make this a daily practice. Turns out there's no water like toilet water. It's flushed and refreshed at least twice a day! If you could please, wipe our paw prints off the toilet for next time, as you know how we like things clean so we can make them dirty again.


The Cats

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