Wednesday, January 6, 2010


 Okay, so maybe in his "Bodies in Motion" series he's wearing L.A. Gear sneakers (I'm pretty sure it was filmed in the '80's), and maybe he's a liar because he'll say "8 more" then he'll count up to 8 using halves and quarters (7 and a quarter....7 and a haaalf...7 and threeeee quarters), and maybe I do cuss at him in the middle of, say, a strenuous bun-lifting exercise, but

I LOVE Gilad!

Help me, but there's something mildly arousing about him when he looks directly into the camera with his big thick ethnic eyebrows and says "Yes." or "Just like that." or "Do it." or especially "You've got to really want these next 8." Whew. Am I wrong?

I'm about to (try to) graduate from "Bodies in Motion" to "Total Sculpt." Gilad looks a little older, but no worse for the wear. His muscles are even bigger, I think. Also, he has an updated outfit, which we all know is the most important thing.

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