Monday, November 9, 2009

Squawk! Attack!

I decided to make a tuna fish sandwich for lunch today and, generous momma that I am, I squeezed the tuna juice out of the can and onto a plate for whatever cat was available.

We have a new kitten who can't jump up on counters, so I went and got her and set her on the counter so she could have a chance. The plan was to keep an eye on her while I made my sandwich and put her back down when I left the kitchen.

This is what happened:

Ziggy, one of our birds (the big, colorful, loud one of the two), transferred himself from the cage to the counter, walked over to Ophelia (the working title for the kitten), his little bird talons making clicking sounds on the counter. At that point, Ziggy did what Ziggy does with cats.

He attacked her.

He jumped onto Ophelia - a little kitten, mind you - flapping his wings and riding her like a farm animal. Poor Ophelia. She escaped, leaping down from the counter with her short little midget kitten legs.

She was absolutely stunned.

I petted her and checked her eyeballs the best I could; I think she's fine.


hamilcar barca said...

i trust Ophelia has recovered from the ordeal relatively unscathed.

years ago, we had a Schnoodle pup named Mohavy. at some point, when he was still less than a year old, we for some reason had him with us when we went to a household that had a kitten.

Mohavy was a typical pup - inquisitive about everything, especially a kitten with a new scent. so he walked up to the kitten and sniffed her.

in return, the kitten raked him across the snout with her claws. just like Ophelia, he was completely stunned.

and of course bore a grudge against all cats for the rest of his life.

Amber said...

The traumas we suffer as children we carry with us.

Schnoodle - schnauzer (sp?) and poodle?