Saturday, October 31, 2009

That's Sick

After I had barricaded us all in on this All Hallow's Eve, I said to everyone (everyone meaning the cats), "Nobody's coming in, nobody's going out, and ya'll can just suck it." That was because the cats don't like being trapped in the house for any period of time. They don't like it very much at all. I think it's a control thing.

M has to work tonight, I was supposed to work but I'm sick (more on that later), so I'm alone with the animals and the tricker treaters. I don't feel like getting up and down to answer the door, so I put a note on the back porch instructing them to go to the mail box, where I stuffed a bunch of candy and another note admonishing them not to take more than their share. If someone comes by and is a total scrooge hoarder about it, I cannot be responsible - I have fulfilled my duty to Halloween in the spirit of Good Will. I hope they will leave me alone. I'm scared to be myself and I hope M will be home not too long after dark, which is coming earlier now, and even earlier than that after Sunday.

Anyway, I was aggravated while I was setting up the candy because cats that I had checked off of my list as contained (there's a literal list - that's how many we have) were escaping out the door. I knew I should have locked them up somewhere while I retrieved the others. I called Grendel a bastard. Anyway, everybody was finally in and they had a second can of wet food to boot. Whatever. I do what I have to.

I started feeling tired this past Tuesday evening and woke up Wednesday sick. I was hoping it would be quick, but I had to call in Thursday and lose a shift. Anticipating missing my shift Friday night, I went to the doctor to make sure I didn't have the flu or an infection and to get a note for work.

When I called to make the appointment they told me that because of my symptoms they requested that I use the station at the front door to sanitize my hands and put on a face mask. When I went to check in, the lady at the computer instructed me to fan the mask out - it was like an accordian - to cover my mouth and my nose. Then I had to go sit in the sick area of the large waiting room. I felt like a total conspicuous, self-conscious walking (or sitting) disease. Soon enough a nurse came to get me, she was wearing a mask as well.

The long and short of it is that a young female doctor who reminded me very much of Elizabeth Hasselback (sp?) from The View, checked every orafice from my neck up and prescribed an antibiotic as I had an infection in my ears. She said that I should try to use an allergy medicine such as Claritin or Zyrtec to clear up the fluid and mucus since I am unable to use Sudafed or other such cold medicines due to the Heart Problem.

I continue to feel like total crap and am waiting to feel better because I love that euphoric feeling you get after you start to feel better after feeling sick. I'm still sweaty and feel feverish and weak, not like walking around or doing a whole lot, which is distressing because there are messes to be cleaned, and as I sit I have toilet paper tampons stuffed up both nostrils, which M says is sexy, she told me so.


hamilcar barca said...

a cat named Grendel. Kewlness.

i'm reading a book now with an evil lady named Graendal. obviously a reference to your cat.

hope you're feeling better.

Amber said...

Yes, we're trying to name our new kitty now. Nothing's really sticking so far. Maybe Ophelia, that's the one we keep coming back to, but it's a mouth full, and we can't come up with a cutsie shortened version of it to use, which for some reason we feel the need of.

I am feeling better - thanks!

What's the book?