Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Facts About Me

1. I don't drink coffee at all or alcohol very often because I think they both taste horrible.  I have to have a whole hell of a lot of sugar in my alcohol in order to get it down.  My ears start burning after one drink.

2. I don't like even numbers and cannot leave either the television or the radio volume set on an even number.

3. Even if I find a song I like on the radio, I check through all the other stations to make sure there isn't a song I like better playing.

4. I have at one point or another been diagnosed with nearly every psychiatric condition with the distinct exception of schizophrenia and have been at one point or another prescribed nearly every psychotropic drug or at least nearly every psychotropic drug class on the market.

5. I am often lost in my own thoughts and daydreams to the point that I misplace things, stumble into things and am generally incompetent.

6. I am an introvert.

7. I am physically weakened more by emotional stress than I am by physical labor.

8. My favorite weather is cloudy, cool and damp.

9. I love the smell of burning leaves.

10. I can not, can. not. sleep with any two items of cover (for example, sheet and blanket on top of that) at the same time - I detest layering of any sort, which is probably why I also loathe both underwear (bras and panties) as well as outer-wear (coats, jackets, etc.).

11. I love most entertainment news, trashy television and "reality" shows.

12. I have a lot of back and neck pain.

13. Despite the effect of total openness that my often "TMI" honesty here and elsewhere portrays, I actually share very few of my thoughts, and my inner-world is often very different from the personality that others know me by.

14. I wish I went outside of my routine and ate more of the things that I actually do, technically, like but don't include in my diet very often, such as cherries or spinach, instead of cheeseburgers and chicken tenders all the time.

15. I've gone through several phases of voluntary immersion in different literatures, including, first, that of the Medieval Period (Chaucer, Arthurian Legend, etc.) (that was in high school), then 19th century British Literature (Bronte, Dickens) (shortly after high school and into college) and am now rather heavily involved with contemporary American fiction.

16. I have a broad sense of humor and will laugh, loudly, at almost anything.

17. I think other people's fingers look weird.

18. Though considered a negative result of trauma, I remember being able to randomly disassociate from my body when I was little, and I miss it.

19. I love flowers.

20.  I am an insomniac.

21.  I like to go for walks.  This is often my only form of movement/exercise.  I also like to go hiking in the mountains, but haven't in a long, long time.

22.  I'm from the Southern region of the United States, ie "The South."

23.  I was in my mid-twenties before I realized that boys don't ever, ever behave like they do in romantic comedies. 


hamilcar barca said...

Happy Birthday, Amber! Whatcha reading lately?

Amber said...

Thank you muchly! I just finished Iodine by Haven Kimmel. I have a list of books to review that keeps increasing as my procrastination persists.

hamilcar barca said...

i'll loan you my OCD. the rule is - once i've read a book, i HAVE TO post a review of it befor i'm finished with the next book.

Amber said...

Yes, in the face of something truly important, my OCD shrivels and fails me miserably. Maybe your's is extra strength.