Thursday, August 6, 2009

Overdrafted - a Follow-Up

As I mentioned in my next-to-last post, I recently spent more money than I had. My mistake? My responsibility? Yes, absolutely, sure. BB&T (what I call Bibbit) kindly picked up the tab. To do so, they charged me $35.00.

I would've rather declined the favor, but Bibbit doesn't give you that option.

So really, they wanted to do me a solid more so than a favor.

That "solid," as most people who've did-the-dance with overdraft charges know, kicked off a snowball effect resulting in four more charges of equal value to the first.

Do the math.

As I've said, I take responsibility for my actions, but $35.00?

Read this article - Overdraft Fees: A $17.5 Billion Dollar Industry


hamilcar barca said...

the thing that's always irked me about banks is that it's YOUR money that THEY'RE using. you'd think they'd be grateful that you let them "borrow" your dollars. instead they're arrogant pr*cks.

Amber said...

You know, I never would've thought of that. That makes the whole thing even more ridiculous.

I've since started keeping my money under my mattress.