Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Random Discouragements and Disasters

Today I went to pick up my check from Steakhouse and, riding in the car with M, distracted, without all 4 cylinders and 5 brain cells concentrating fully on the task at hand, I ended up absent-mindedly ripping off and balling up in a smallish ball and throwing behind the driver's (M's) seat the portion of the check that gives all the data regarding how much money the government has sucked out of my paycheck.

I like to keep that part, just for my records.

When I realized (relatively quickly) what I had done, I picked up the little ball of very informative paper and unfurled it.

Later, I put it in between two paper towels and turned on the iron intent to iron it something close to its former glory and flat perfection.

Maggie thought this was some kind of big deal, apparently, and looked at me like I was crazy.

Funny, the iron doesn't have a setting for "paper." Just cotton and linen and silk.

Preparing to make my Bank Deposit, I came across a penny with a picture of Abe Lincoln sitting on a log reading a book on the back of it instead of whatever the hell else is usually on the back of the penny. I figure it's Abe Lincoln reading the book (also, there's a mallet-looking thing sitting there which is sort of scary and weird and threatening) because it's Abe Lincoln on the front (isn't it?) and I don't think they'd have one president on the front and another on the back. Two sides to every coin and everything, but that would just be too two-faced.

Anyway, I thought I sat the penny aside, because I like to keep things like that (I've got two two-dollar bills under a magnet on the refrigerator that I got as a tip one night. M thinks there's plenty of them and wanted me to just deposit them with the rest of my tips, but I think they're special. Plus, these ones were very crisp.).

When I got to the bank, though, and was putting my money up on the counter, I noticed that the Special Penny was in with the coins I was giving over to the Money Lords, so I immediately grabbed it back, which meant that I was one penny short of what I had written on my deposit, but, really, who's going to fret over one penny?

The Bank, that's who.

So the teller fretted over one little penny, and I had to go back out to my car to get it.

Then, THEN, in the commotion over the penny, I failed to get the $37.00 "cash received" that I signed for back from my deposit.

Cash was not received.

So I had to turn around and drive back to the bank.

Luckily, Honest-Abe-down-to-the-penny lady bank teller at the bank believed me or had it on record or just remembered that I had not received my $37.00 and gave it to me no problem.

Later, M and I had to walk out into another one of those torrential downpours they seem to have around here or else be trapped in Wal-Mart indefinitly with the other shoppers who were wrapping plastic bags around their heads. (Not in a baby-suffocating way, it wasn't that bad of a downpour, but just in a protect their hair from melting way.)

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