Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Quick Post on Writing and Such

The girls and I walked without incident today. It was kind of boring.

I finally got down to writing, one of my daily goals for writing 500 words a day. I took that down from 1,000 because 1,000 just seemed to daunting. I put 500 words and exercising on my list of daily goals and I don't think I've done either since posting that list on the refrigerator several days ago. Today I finally did some writing, though I didn't exercise, unless the short walk with the dogs counts, which...I'm gonna say it did.

It's a funny thing about writing. I really, really want to write, but apparently I also really, really don't because I will put it off and procrastinate. I'll organize everything there is to organize then go find something else to organize just before I take the notion to sit down and write. Today was good, though. The pressure was off because it was just 500 words, and I got it done. One other thing I do when I go to write is that I end up going back over and editing and tend to delay any new progress that way. It's amazing what you can realize when going back to a piece with the fresh pair of eyes that develops after a good amount of time away. Today, I found my narrative voice to be very overbearing. The highlighted note I put in my text was "too narrator-y." Also, I found a good deal of melodrama, and held flowery, fancy words responsible. I find that I like a more stark, get-to-it ("it" being action) style. This doesn't mean "fast-paced," to which I tend to turn my nose up, but just bare bowns writing, which makes me think of Natalie Goldberg's writing guide "Writing Down the Bones," which I have yet to read but think I still have somewhere, hopefully. In any case, I am thinking more and more that I need to go back and re-read Ron McLarty's The Memory of Running because it is one of the few books I read a long while ago that has stuck with me, and I remember thinking over and over again while reading that this was such a good book and he was exactly who I wanted to write something like.

Anyway, I've gotta go put my pressed white shirt and dark jeans and black belt and waitress apron on and go to work. I'm wearing the same bra and undershirt that I wore yesterday - they're all I have right now - and they have stains from spilt tea or something on them.

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