Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Guard Cat

Paladar did another two-bagger today. I actually took up the two bags and placed them within a third just to be sure not to get any on my hands. Luna followed us for a little while, but when I looked back just before I turned onto the next road, she wasn't behind us, so I can only assume that she stayed close to home.

Luna wasn't the problem this time though.

Like I said, I picked up a two-bagger mush doodie out of someone's lawn. I got up as much of it as I could and moved on. I did look back, I don't know why, it must've been some sort of primal, inner tiddlywinks telling me that danger was near because when I did look back, there was a cat sitting on the lawn, laying down in attack mode like they do. It was gray, white paws with blue eyes and its ears were in the antennae position of evil vengeance. It looked like the kind of cat that would belong to a Malevolent Mastermind a la Austin Powers' Dr. Evil or Darth Vader or any of the antagonistic characters in any cartoon that ran during the 1980's.

And it did not like us.

That much was clear. It stared us down the whole way that we walked until I turned back around to face forwards at the point at which I felt it couldn't fly through the air and pounce on us. It was sort of like judging the target radius capabilities of a nuclear firearm.

Blogger Note: Blogger actually recognized "tiddlywinks" as a word and helped me spell it. Now I've got to go look it up and see if I'm using it correctly; I'm probably not. Blogger also listed "turtlenecks" as an alternate spelling.

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Laura said...

I got a kick out of your last paragraph.