Sunday, June 7, 2009

Desperate Housedyke

Help. I am lonely and bored to fucking tears. M is at work and I have the whole day off (I started a job as a waitress at a mid-priced steakhouse last week). I am alone with only housework, possibly walking the dogs, going to the park, (forcing myself to write? that would be good), and taking my not-so-slip-resistant shoes back to Wal-Mart to occupy my time. I'm assuming having children around would make this a little bit better? Amanda?

I have a constant inner-dialogue running through my head as I vaccum, mostly about blogging how bored and lonely I am, and it is driving me crazy. I suppose I could scare up some superficial human contact (Wal-mart, McDonald's?), but really, that's just a tease. The idea of calling in to the steakhouse and asking if I could come in for a few hours and run food like I did last night crossed my mind. But they would probably think I'm crazy, and not in any good way.

M and I are away from friends, with just ourselves to talk to each other, and that's nice, it really is, but the isolation and claustrophobia is eventually going to drive me bonkers, I think. We, I, need friends.

Post Subtitle: Small Town Lesbian Oasis....or Twilight Zone?

Incredibly, M and I are seeing lesbians all over the place here, which is an undisclosed location about an hour away from Raleigh, NC. Some have come in to M's store; I've run in to them at various spots around town. The other day I orbited around a lesbian couple at the Food Lion. I actually approached them at their car as they were leaving (they were directly behind me at check-out) and tried to talk to them, telling them my girlfriend and I were new in the neighborhood and hadn't met any friends yet. The butch one was friendly, but the femme quickly marched herself around and into the car.

So, they are all around us, but I don't know how to go about establishing, again, more than superficial contact. It's like trying to contact fucking aliens. We know they're there, because we've seen them, at least we think we've seen them, parking at Food Lion in their little UFO's, rolling down the window and letting the dog (a German Shephard) wait behind, but I'm not beeping or screeching at the right frequency to establish on-going communication.

Okay, I'm gonna go talk to the dogs and see if they'll at least do that thing where they crook their head to the side and look at me like they're trying to figure out what I'm saying.

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Amanda said...

Nope, kids don't make it any better. Sometimes worse, because they're loud when you want it to be quiet.

Man, I'm negative, aren't I? School's out now...and I desparately need a vacation!!!