Friday, March 27, 2009

Eve's Dropping

I love observing other people and listening in on them - in other words, eavesdropping. Writer's note: You can get a lot of fodder this way.

Once at an Office Depot I found some document left behind on a copier that seemed related to a divorce, and I was so enthralled I took it and kept it. It included an itemized list of valuables, which was completely ill-fated and would break your heart. I took it home and stuck it in a folder of half-written poems and random inspiration. What was I going to do? Track down the involved party and return it? That would've been highly embarrassing for both of us. I think I still have it, unless I threw it out in one of my mad purges.

I am just fascinated by other people, all the small little things.

Today I was at Drug Store Starting with a "W" to pick up my Lamictal (after a trip to Dr. Dermatologist to rule out Fatal Rash, but that's another segment) and there was a little girl with jeans on, they were soaked at the bottoms (it's raining here today) and my first thought was that she must have jumped in puddles to get her jeans wet half way up her leg. There's a poem. Then there was a worker putting up stock who was talking to someone who was presumably her co-worker about the fact that her boyfriend had just broken up with her. She said that he didn't like short hair so she had cut her hair just to spite him (and it was rather short). There's a story.

I'm going to try to go to my writer's group tomorrow.

In other news, I have relinquished my attempt at wheat bread. I had one sandwich and it was just awful. This was particularly bad wheat bread, and it was a tuna fish sandwich, but I'm back to the white bread, which I know is No-No Food #1 for someone who wants to lose weight around the middle, but ah, fuck it. Problem is that the fuck-it's add up and after a hundred or so fuck-it's, you're a fat-ass.

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Amanda said...

1) I actually did cut my hair off in 1999 because I had just liberated myself from a loser boyfriend.

2) I'm glad my mom raised me on wheat bread. I can't eat white bread. It makes me completely sick.