Sunday, February 22, 2009

People Cut in Front of Me and I Seethe. Also, Hygiene.

I was reading through Amanda's Blog and saw her review of Coraline, which reminded me that I wanted to see it, so I went today.

First, a background rant:

Usually there's not much happening on a Sunday at Ye Olde Theater here. Today, though, there was a crowd, so I was dismayed that I had allowed myself only 15 minutes to drive to the theater, get my ticket and stop by the snack counter. I think much of the crowd were there to see Madea Goes to Jail.

I got my ticket, and though I only had a couple minutes, I decided to get in the snack line anyway. I was really hungry - all I'd had so far today was a chicken sandwich (dry despite the copious amounts of mayonnaise). But woe, woe was mine for getting in that line. The (several) people in front of me were oblivious to the fact that I was standing some feet behind them, steaming through my nostrils. I even saw an out at one point - there was another, slightly shorter line - but while I was deciding someone else grabbed my opportunity.

So I stood in this awful line while the customers ahead of me repeatedly demanded 4-star service of the incredibly slow worker behind the counter. They got LARGE popcorns that HAD to be buttered. At the very end of it, whilst I was grinding my teeth, having hot flashes, trying my damndest to think of (impressively creative) ways to kill them, the couple asked for a little cardboard box to carry all their buttery and carbonated plunder. So then, again, the INCREDIBLY SLOW worker had to figure out, apparently for the first time, how to fold the flat cardboard construction so that it formed a carrying box.

THEN, oh THEN, the couple directly in front of me, the last impediment to me getting my damn shit and making my way over to my movie - now 10 minutes past showing time - argued with the worker over whether or not they could have a small cup and a little plate with which to dole out their popcorn and soda to, presumably, a small child, or else another adult whom they don't like very much.

At this point, someone came up to the counter and interrupted wanting to get a soda refill.

Really, I thought some organ or another was going to pop out of my body at that point. I kept checking my pulse because I was feeling dizzy and hot just standing there, and it was holding at around 104.

Finally I got my turn and the worker was nice so I didn't breathe fire on him.

I got into the movie at the part where Coraline was looking for a water well. I don't know how much I missed, Amanda maybe you can tell me. In any case, I was able to get into the story pretty quickly.

I will agree with Amanda that this is not a movie for young kids. When the evil sinister mother turns evil and sinister, she turns really evil and sinister. The ghost children could be particularly disturbing.

There were, as always, lovable side characters in the form of the pleasantly named "Wybie" (a shortened variety of "Why be born?" - ouch) and a cat. The big-busomed ladies that neighbor Coraline's family are hilarious.

Overall, enjoyable. I wasn't creeped out very much (read: at all), but then again, I'm hard to creep.

Side note: My theater didn't have 3D, so I wasn't provided that pleasure, though I was partly relieved because after Amanda mentioned it, I was a little worried about motion sickness.

It was colder outside when I left than when I came in and I made the mistake of making a short (10 - 15 feet), light jog to my car - heart rate went up into the 170's. Ugh. Resting heart rate right now (little over an hour later) is still in the 100's (60 - 80 is normal, by the way), but I'm hoping it goes down soon over the course of the evening.

Okay, that's enough of my vital statistics.

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Amanda said...

The only thing you missed, really, was the hands of the other mother pulling apart a doll bit by bit, turning it inside out, filling it with sand, and designing it to look just like Coraline. Then, they move in, and Coraline goes out to look for water. So you didn't miss much. The creation of the doll was a little creepy, especially in 3D (the needle came directly out towards us).

I admit, I wasn't creeped out either, because I'd read the book already. The only thing that gave me a tinge of creepiness was that eclipse, when I realized it was made from a button. Jason and I both looked at eachother at that moment. It was the only time we looked at each other. I guess the same things creep us out.