Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Aretha Franklin's Hat

It snowed last night. Today, I actually had the curtains drawn back to see it. It melted quickly. For the past few months, I've left the heavy curtains on the windows in the living room closed twenty-four hours a day. It creates a sort of sepulcher, a dark chamber - you're hardly able to tell whether it is day or night at any given hour - which I realize could be contributing to my depression, especially if you consider the reverse - light therapy - but, for now, I like the warm glow of my little lamp-lit hole where I dwell with my depression like a hobbit. As I said, though, today I enjoyed seeing the magic of the harmless, overnight weather event that was this snow. I'm always surprised by snow, even if it's predicted with an 80% chance. Despite evidence otherwise over the years, I still hold this belief that snow just doesn't happen here in the South. In any case, it makes me think of winterfresh gum, or mint flavor in general, with the white meeting the green of the grass.

Today was also eventful, and emotional, for many, in that the new president was inaugurated. Our first black president, after Bill Clinton. I like how we say our first black president, which presupposes that he won't be our last. I would hope, regardless of one's political leanings, that, given the context of this country's racist history, anyone would be able to see the beauty and poignancy of the election and successful inauguration of a black man to the nation's highest elected office - the hope and pride it offers to so many people. I can only hope, for everyone's sake, that his term(s) in office is/are just as successful.

My mom isn't exactly a well-wisher. She was a Hillary supporter, and is angry and bitter that Obama, a young, black, (inexperienced?) up-and-comer, took what she felt Hillary, the more seasoned candidate, the woman, deserved. In truth, what it boils down to is that my mom wanted to see a woman in office before a black man. She sees this situation as an unfair repeat of history - that blacks got the right to vote before women. Her rather extreme reaction has been to become a rabid, Ann Coulter-esque Republican, which, given her more religion-based, conservative ideas about issues such as homosexuality (of which I've been especially informed all too well), I think suits her.

I would've liked to see a woman in office as well, but I'm okay with Obama. He's an attractive guy, speaks well, instills hope. I'm glad to see him take office. I didn't trust John McCain. But I liked cheating sleeze-ball John Edwards at first, before I knew about the sleeze-ball cheating, which just goes to show you what judgement of character I have. For some reason, I still like Clinton. I think it's his big, goofy nose.

Politics aside, I think I would be remiss if I didn't remark upon the real event of the day, the debut of Aretha Franklin's hat, an entity which outshone all else. Forget Lincoln's bible, I think that Obama should have taken the oath of office with his hand upon Aretha's hat. Afterall, the hat, as is evident by its size and the number of military medals it has received - clearly a decorated war veteran - was obviously more important than anything else there.

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