Thursday, August 21, 2008


Later today M and I are planning on getting together with some friends, so I took a mirror and some tweezers outside to pluck my brows, better to see them in the sunlight. The result?

Instantaneous diarrhea.

First, let me say that if paper could be made out of my body hair rather than trees, we would have absolutely no problem replenishing the earth's forests. Better yet, if we could find some way to make fuel out of my body hair, the energy crisis would be over.

Now, to explain the diarrhea. I have noticed (today) that when I become overheated (which happens very easily, like within five minutes of being exposed to heat) my bowels empty with fierce and reckless abandon. Today, it was as if the sun itself had personally dipped its finger down from the sky and pressed the puree button on my gut.

Heretofore, I had linked my unfortunate GI mayhem to greasy foods, which I still think may be a culprit, but today it was for the first time all too abundantly clear that Amber + heat = episode. A two flusher.

I'm not sure if this oversensitivity to heat is linked to my general sensitivity to everything under the sun (and, apparently, the sun itself), but I think I'll check over at the dysautonomia forums.

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