Saturday, August 23, 2008

BBC America

I love British television!

M got sick of the limited viewing options and contacted the cable company to increase the number of channels we get, and I am all about BBC America ever since. It sets me off thinking in a British accent and I go about for the rest of the day with an internal dialogue that runs thus:

"Gas prices are over $3.00 a gallon! What a bunch of rubbish!"

My two favorite top notch shows are "How Clean is Your House" and "You Are What You Eat." Something about those British women, they really fire me up. They really don't mess around at all, and something about that works with me, at least when I'm watching it on television. If it were happening to me in real life, I would probably get offended. I would probably cry.

First, we have the lovely ladies of "How Clean is Your House" who go into people's (tiny) flats (apartments) and inspect for cleanliness or, as it turns out, lack there of. They bring their themed rubber gloves (sometimes pink feathers, sometimes plaid, whatever depending on whose home they are cleaning) as well as their tool kit for collecting bacteria and/or fungi, rake the people over, then get to work cleaning their nasty abodes with (mostly) environmentally friendly cleaners, like lemons and baking soda, for example. My favorite parts are when these classy, well-dressed little British women lean over and smell piles of cat turds or bathroom sink drains. They're (facial and verbal) expressions are hysterical. I also love it when they fuss. The reveal at the end when they've cleaned everything is amazing.
I love cleaning.

Today I sat and watched the lady from "You Are What You Eat" inform a couple of the lack of fiber in their diet as evident by their sticky, yellow splat of "poo," and I went straight away to the kitchen and had some broccoli. This woman reminds me of a British Ann Coultur if Ann Coultur were on the side of Good instead of Evil, and had an obsession with eating healthy instead of not eating hardly anything at all. Anybody that is dedicated to their cause enough to smell, handle and otherwise take stock of other people's poo is fine by me. I wouldn't want her to inspect my, er, product, but anyway.

I also love American tv shows with British involvement, such as "Super Nanny" or "Clean Sweep." Or the host of "So You Think You Can Dance" when it was on, Cat Deeley. She was tall. And scrumptuous.

Why do we love British people so much? They are all over our commercials and advertisements (Ad-VER-tise-ments), for sure. Think of that little GEICO gecko, for one. I think I heard something about a media survey that showed that Americans respond to the British accent as more knowledgable and authoratative for some reason.

Makes sense.

Is that why Madonna started doing that funny mix of Brit/Euro/Posh Spice/Ivanna Trump thing she did?

Why did she do that?

She should stop it. She's annoying enough already.

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