Friday, June 6, 2008

Announcement Concerning the Unfortunate Events Surrounding the Demise of Amber's Internet Access

This is just to let everyone know that I've been absent lately because I haven't had much access to the internet with the exception of visiting M and checking my e-mail at her house. I've very much appreciated ya'll's comments to my posts, and will start responding in kind once I am able to get a couple things fixed. A stray puppy showed up about a week ago, I took him in, and he thanked me by chewing through the power cord wire for my lap top. I tried electrical tape. It didn't work. I can't afford a new cord right now (Damn!, those things are expensive!), besides which, the phone's been disconnected (can't afford that either), so I don't have my dial-up internet access. It's slow as hell, but it's all I had. It may be a while before I can get back online for the extended amounts of time I used to spend on the internet (which might actually be a good thing!), because I'm broke-ass broke and unable to work for now (looking into disability). I love you all, and hopefully I'll see you soon!

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Amanda said...

Sorry to hear about all the unfortunate-ness, Amber. Good luck getting it all back together, and have fun with your puppy!