Tuesday, March 25, 2008

In the Food Bowl, Damn It!

Reba simply will not tolerate any food items being place anywhere but in their proper location - the food bowl.

M first discovered this obsession when dispersing -undisclosed flavored cracker- to them soon after we got them. Reba would take the cracker, sniff it, put it in her mouth and waddle with it over to her food bowl, where she would drop it. We conducted a scientific experiment under the hypothesis that if Reba were given a cracker, she would take it to her food bowl, and the hypothesis was soon proved to be a Theory.

We can now extend this Theory to cover carrots, and - dare I suggest? - any other food stuffs.

This afternoon, I broke some baby carrots in half and placed them in random positions in their house. Reba discovered them all, one by one (even the ones on top of the igloo), and put them in her food bowl.

I wish I had a camera. It was the funniest damn thing.

Ah, neurosis.

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