Monday, March 24, 2008


For the past couple of nights, I have noticed that Dolly and Reba have had some problems sharing the exercise wheel. Last night, Reba chased Dolly around the hamster house several times. :(
Today, I consulted M about this behavior, hoping that the chasing was perhaps just friendly hamster interaction. maybe? No.
Apparently, two females in the same house can be territorial, and it looks as if the exercise wheel is the territory in question, because they sleep in the same purple igloo just fine, as far as I can tell.
today! I went to -undisclosed pet supply store- and bought another exercise wheel, and was exposed to all the lovely hamster accessories you can buy, and so also picked up a little hamster potty and some hamster potty litter.
As I blog, at this very moment, Reba and Dolly are happily scurrying on their respective exercise wheels. :D
Reba has been digging in the hamster litter, but I don't know if she's used it yet. I hope she doesn't eat it.

UPDATE: Little Bastards. Once they realized that the new wheel was a *new* wheel, also a slightly larger wheel (one inch!), they commenced fighting over the new wheel, discarding the now *old* wheel which, only yesterday, they had been fighting over. So, apparently, hamsters must be given equal access to equal wheels, therefore I must go out and get them another wheel identical to the new wheel that they have now, so that they can each have their very own perfect wheel that isn't older or smaller that the other one's. I guess I'll give the old-yet-Perfectly-Fine wheel to hamster charity, or something.

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