Friday, March 28, 2008

But Enough About Me.....No Wait, There's More...

Past couple of days have been crappy.

Yesterday was P.M.S. and doctor's visit. Doctor visit went fine, had blood drawn with relatively little problem/anxiety. I went to my "I can handle this" place; I'm nowhere NEAR going to my "happy place" (in fact, don't think I have one, really) while a nurse is sucking my blood through a little tube connected to a needle in my vein. But I'm becoming an ol' pro, so much so that the thought of having it done doesn't bother me nearly as much as it once did *(see bottom of this post for an idea of how much it "once did"). I guess there's something to be said for exposure therapy, eh?

I'm glad that the PA-C is taking me seriously and is doing some investigation.

After the doctor, tried to go to Bojangles for *food* finally *FOOD* (because I'd been fasting for the blood tests), but was thwarted by one of those stupid-ass concrete dividers in the middle of the road. Bitches. So I went on to Walgreens, where I stood in line and festered while an old lady cut in front of me in line to,
-at first, I thought- ask a question about her Mucinex, which quickly -and with the cashier's completely unnecessary prompting- turned into said old lady completely usurping the concept of "form a line" and getting all her shit checked out before I could get my damn GUT MEDICINE.

Then later that day I cried at an episode of Tyra Banks when the fat girl came out looking all fabulous after her make-over. The made-over girl started crying so I started crying.

Today I have felt like crap. Was up at 3:30am with more damn hamster exercise wheel drama. I've separated them, bought a new cage, along with accessories, but we still have a problem because the exercise wheel sits on the glass bottom of the cage and makes this *tcht-tcht-tcht* sound when Dolly is on it. 30 minutes with this last night. Finally I got up and put some more fluff in, set the wheel down gently on the fluff, then, ahhh - SILENCE. Dolly used her wheel happily and quietly for a while, then the little devil started digging the fluff around the wheel. I started to think she wanted the wheel to make noise. Grrrrr. I think one of my eyeballs was probably bulging with crazy insane person Madness. But I dutifully re-fluffed Dolly's fluff, also fluffed Reba's fluff when she came out and started making the exercise wheel thump around. I'm going to take an Ambien tonight and hopefully it will be better.

I've been having weird dreams lately, but won't discuss those yet, particularly last night's, partially because of the weirdness, but also, if I do discuss them, I want to make sure I can remember as much as I can and tell a really good dream story.

Anyhoot, also started my new meds (Cymbalta, Aciphex) today, which, along with my older new meds (Ativan, Metaprolol) and starting my period today, I've felt pretty crappy. Tired, sleepy, drugged, nauseated. Bluggh.

* I once told a doctor that I belonged to a new, little known sect of the Christian Scientists and so therefore could not, according to my religious beliefs, receive any medical attention which involved needles or anything else invasive. I even had the name of my particular sect prepared - the "Monroe" sect. I'm not sure if I was thinking of the U.S. President, James Monroe, or the infamous Marilyn Monroe, whom I love and adore. I was just trying to make it sound credible, which apparently it did, even though the doctor's mother-in-law, as she informed me, is a Christian Scientist, or maybe because of that reason, she went along with it. Who knows, maybe she just took pity on me, thinking I must really be crazy. In any case, I told her my lie born out of utter and total fear of needles, we discussed the issues present when you are a doctor and your mother-in-law is a Christian Scientist, and I went about my day getting my initial diagnosis of acid reflux disease; this was several years ago, which doesn't make it better, but there you have it.
For the record, I do not belong to any religious sect, except for the ones I create for my own benefit.

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