Thursday, October 11, 2007

Middle School Love Triangle

* names have been changed to protect the not-so-innocent

Today there was love-triangle drama on the playground. Darren, Katie and Carlee are all in my first block class. Darren and Katie have been dating for I guess a couple weeks, and now Carlee has come between them.
At recess (I have duty this week), I noticed that Katie wasn't hanging around with the gang that stands behind the tree (where they can hide from teachers). She and Bethany were on the fence about 20 ft. away and Katie looked angry. First, there was a contingency sent from the gang toward Katie and Bethany. Katie sent the contingency back. Next, Darren himself, with a larger group of representatives, approached Katie once more. Over the next few minutes, various contigences of various representatives were formed and sent back and forth. Each time a contingency was sent, they were either dismissed back to wince they came, or Katie stormed away from them, flapping her arms. I was hoping there would eventually be a treaty, however relations dissolved rather rapidly, resulting in a screaming match between Katie and Carlee, from which Carlee stormed away this time. I went and told on them to Mr. Assistant Principal, and he went to talk to the ladies while I went and spoke with Darren, which consisted of:
Me: "Remember when I told you that ya'll were too young to date?"
Darren: "Yeah."
Me: "Uh-huh."
Darren: "Yeah."
Me: "Well alright then."
I think Darren learned one of his first lessons about girls today. From what I can piece together, Katie saw Darren "out" with Carlee, Katie didn't like it, Darren says they are "just friends," but apologized anyway, but Katie still felt that Darren was "playing with [her] feelings" and allegedly called Carlee a "slut." I told him to just hang his head and apologize and keep apologizing if either Katie or Carlee approached him again.
Did I mention that they are twelve?

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